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Mary G

I ❤️ rest


Well said. I feel like it is a badge of honor to NOT rest and I don't think that is a wise decision.


Over the last 3 years it's been proven to me over and over again just how important rest is. I find myself always working on some type of skill set and when I take a week or so off from that specific skill set I inevitably get stronger or better at it after a rest. I'm constantly learning and experimenting with what my essence is as an athlete and when my body hurts I've learned to listen to it. If I don't rest I feel broken. That's just my experience as of now and the funny thing is that it may be different next month. I love training and it used to mess with my head when I rested but today I have to allow myself to rest. ADC really helped me understand and grasp this. Bottom line for me is if I continuously train without breaks I feel hurt not sore. I don't mind sore but I dislike hurt so I rest.

Pat, thanks for helping me understand that it's encouraged to rest, it's helped me stay in the game and off the injury list.

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